About Melbourne 

Lose yourself in the magic of Melbourne, the cultural capital of Australia!

Learn English in Melbourne, one of Australia's most diverse and stylish cities.  Melbourne is often referred to as the country's capital of cool, and it's not hard to see why. With a colourful arts and culture scene, incredible coffee, live music and entertainment, sports, world-class fashion and shopping, and vibrant nightlife, the city has something for everyone. Spend some time exploring its many hidden laneways, or wandering through its hip, urban neighbourhoods and you'll discover why Melbourne is repeatedly voted one of the world’s most livable cities.

Study English in Melbourne 

Step into ILSC-Melbourne's newly-designed, modern campus and you'll discover a space that encourages interactive student learning, all with an architectural feel that fits the cool and stylish vibe of the city.

The school is centrally located across from the Southern Cross Railway station, the main hub for getting wherever you need to go inside, and outside of the city. It's also close to amazing coffee shops, delicious cafés and restaurants, and shopping. Come experience all the best this vibrant city has to offer. 

120 Spencer Street, Level 7, Melbourne, VIC
3000 Australia

Campus Highlights

  • Improve your English skills through adventures around the city in our fun exploratory English through Melbourne class. 
  • Join the FREE Job Club and learn all you need to know about securing a job in Australia.
  • Check out the FREE Morning News Club to express your opinions on current world events, build vocabulary (and friendships), and get more comfortable with public speaking and discussion in English.
  • Take the Café Work Skills course and learn English and barista skills.


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29 Classrooms
2 Computer labs
2 Student lounges
Prayer Room
Average Monthly High Temperatures

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